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Highlights of Ripple in May 2018: The New Mixed with the Old

In an almost perfect sea of red, Ripple (XRP) stands out this Wednesday morning. Both Bitcoin and Ethereum are in the red, however, XRP is sporting a bright, green look. This is nice to see, and it gets even better when you realize it’s the second to last day of May. Is this an indication of where Ripple will be in June 2018? It’s hard to say, but considering the performance – on the news front – by Ripple in May 2018, it’s safe to say there are good things on the horizon. 

Ripple (XRP) Hit With Class Action Law Suit

Ripple Lawsuit: Something interesting has occurred within the crypto sector, this time centering around Ripple (XRP). A law firm has announced that it filed a class action suit against Ripple Labs. The suit, filed yesterday, targets the following parties: Ripple, XRP II, and CEO Brad Garlinghouse. 

Ripple XRP Price prediction for 2018

In this video i will give you my prediction for the price of Ripple XRP for the remainder of 2018. I will examine the recent Cryptocurrency market crash and look at the effects that will have on Ripple XRP and the Cryptocurrency market as a whole. I will tell you what price I believe Ripple XRP will end this year at.