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Iceland Fears Using All Their Energy for Cryptocurrency Farming

There’s a lot to discuss when it comes to the cryptocurrency sector. Price growth remains at the top of the list, with regulation coming in a close second. As for me, I’ve been looking into issues that have arisen from cryptocurrency farming. There’s one country, in particular, that is really struggling from this and that’s Iceland. Iceland cryptocurrency farming fears have been growing for a while now.

NEO, Lisk (LSK), Monero (XMR), & Tron (TRX) Update

Altcoin Update: Cryptocurrencies are finally making a comeback, after a rough start this week. Various countries trying to implement anti-crypto regulations has caused major panic selling in the last few weeks. Despite the major market corrections, it seems that crypto investors have gained some confidence. Most coins were up in the double-digit percentages yesterday and climbing. This could possibly be a temporary reprieve, as there have been various attempts to recover the market this past month. In the last few instances when the market grew quickly, individuals began liquidating assets.

Cryptocurrency Crash: Why Prices Are Falling And Likely to Stay Lower

Cryptocurrency mania seems to be ending. Bulls continue to lose their hold and bears are looking on top of crypto markets. Several analysts and global central banks have also bashed cryptocurrencies during the World Economic Forum by raising questions on the underlying value of bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies. The illegal transfer of money through cryptocurrencies has raised the Central Bank’s concerns.

YouTube Ad Hack. CoinHive Malware Attack Uses Computer Power to Mine

Have you ever visited or watched a video on the Website YouTube? I’m sure most of us have at some point. Last week it was discovered, in a YouTube ad hack, that hackers have used the video streaming giant to mine cryptocurrency on users computers. Just recently the company started implementing more advertisements into its videos, as it has always had advertisements before and between videos, and it seems hackers took advantage of this. How was the YouTube cryptocurrency hack discovered? While users were watching ads on YouTube, it automatically triggered anti-virus software on some computers. This raised a big red flag for some and they automatically contacted the company.

Economist That Predicted the 2008 Financial Crisis is Not a Fan of Bitcoin or Blockchain, Here’s Why

There are a lot of people in the world criticizing Bitcoin (BTC). Others, on the other hand, have fallen madly in love with the digital currency and the technology behind it, deemed blockchain. Regardless, it is important for the world to be aware of what people are saying about the cryptocurrency industry, whether it be positive or negative opinions that are being vocalized.

Cryptocurrencies Aren’t Responding to Controversies – Here’s Why

There are several activities going on around the world that have the negative impact on the future of cryptocurrencies. Despite all these activities, digital currencies continue to stand taller in front of these headwinds. Cryptocurrencies initially lost a huge portion of its value on regulatory concerns. However, the prices now look firm over the last couple of days.

Arsenal Football Team Partners with CashBet Coin in a Cryptocurrency World First

In a world first; Arsenal football team partners with CashBet Coin. UK football team Arsenal has announced that it has partnered with new cryptocurrency CashBet Coin (CBC) in what is the first-ever deal of its kind. The premier-league football team is the sixth-wealthiest in the world, having reeled in revenues of $597.1 million USD equivalent in the 2016-17 season. In short, this is a big deal for CashBet and for cryptocurrency in general.

BEWARE of the Bitcoin ATMs

The entire cryptocurrency market grew from $18 billion to just over $610 billion this year. The number one cryptocurrency, Bitcoin (BTC) grew over 1200% in the past year. Mid-year, Bitcoin was picked up by the mainstream media and everyone was trying to get their hands on it. It received both positive and negative feedback from top financial analysts; even so, the Bitcoin craze was in full force. Most individuals wanting to get their hands on the cryptocurrency had a difficult time obtaining it because of the difficulty in navigating exchanges.

Cryptocurrency Traders Cheers South Korean Stance, But the Upside is Limited

Cryptocurrency markets weren’t as volatile as expected, following the final announcement related to South Korean regulatory actions. Markets declined initially in early hour trading after South Korea sidelined all the claims for completely banning the cryptocurrency trading. Instead, the country has announced to track the identity of each cryptocurrency trader for tax purposes, retreating from the initial claim of government ministers for banning the virtual currency trading.

Are Institutional Investors To Blame For The Latest Bitcoin Sell Off?

There have been many speculations as to why Bitcoin (BTC) has seen such high volatility in the past five weeks. Many regulations have come to light from countries that hold the majority of Bitcoin holders, such as China and South Korea. Other speculations have been centered around the unknown affect the Bitcoin futures contracts have on the market and the lastest, the effect that institutional investors have had when they flooded the market.

Bitcoin Rebounds Substantially, South Korean Dilemma Weighs

After the dramatic two days selloff, Bitcoin not only pared earlier losses, but the digital currency generated healthy gains in Thursday’s trade. Bitcoin moved back to the $12,000 mark in Thursday’s trade, signifying a growth of more than 20% compared to the previous close. Bitcoin hit as low as $9,199.59 in early trade on Wednesday. The price pared losses in the evening session and bounced back to the level of $11,188.84 at the end of the day.

Is The Cryptocurrency Market Entering A Mature Stage?

In 2017, we’ve seen Bitcoin and eventually other cryptocurrencies explode onto the scene and become mainstream. Now, some are wondering if the digital currencies have entered “the next stage”, especially now that more and more investors are paying attention to initial coin offerings (ICO) and placing big money on cryptocurrency.

NEO Vs Ethereum (ETH): Dominant Altcoin, Still On The Rise

If you mentioned cryptocurrency in a conversation with someone in passing last year, most people just assumed you were talking about Bitcoin, but now it seems those times have changed. Altcoins have strongly emerged in the mainstream light after Bitcoin futures contracts began trading on major exchanges in mid-December. The price of Bitcoin has now almost come to a halt and many are now searching for the “new” coin that will shoot up over 1,000%. Many of the highly promising altcoins at the end of 2017 have begun to crack under pressure, mostly with the South Korean news and exchange issues and many new coins and projects have begun to transpire.

Dogecoin Is Still Down -13.30%, After Turbulent Start To The Week

Dogecoin, the internet’s most popular (and perhaps only) for-fun cryptocurrency remains down by -14.60% as of 1:30PM CST today as part of a deflating start to the week. It follows a dizzying rise of 800% over the last month, making headline news as it became the first parody coin to break a $2 billion USD market cap. It peaked at $0.018 USD on Jan 7th, up from $0.002 USD from the same date last December. Dogecoin’s recent increase in value is likely linked to the large amount of attention garnered by Bitcoin in the last few weeks.

NEM (XEM) The Silent Rising Star

Nem (XEM) has been slowly climbing the charts and is now the sixth largest cryptocurrency, above Litecoin and Stellar. The coin hasn’t received much mainstream press but has been silently dominating and climbing the charts.

What Is COBINHOOD (COB) & Why Is It Up 83% Today?

2017 was a monstrous year for cryptocurrency, as it became adopted more mainstream and many investors began jumping in on the emerging assets. In January 2017, the total cryptocurrency market cap was around $7 billion and by July, the market was worth around $110 billion, growing nearly 1,600%. Currently, the total market cap of all cryptocurrencies’ is $739 billion, up $10,464.97 percent, in just a years time.

TRON (TRX) Dogs Update and Why The Cryptocurrency Has Tanked

As reported last week, TRON (TRX) will be launching its own version of crypto kitties, with dogs, as it closed a deal with Game. com on January 3rd. Tron’s creator and founder, Justin Sun, was premature about the release of the game and tweeted on his personal twitter, which has 266K followers, on the first of the year, “TRX dogs is almost ready.”