Economist That Predicted the 2008 Financial Crisis is Not a Fan of Bitcoin or Blockchain, Here’s Why

There are a lot of people in the world criticizing Bitcoin (BTC). Others, on the other hand, have fallen madly in love with the digital currency and the technology behind it, deemed blockchain. Regardless, it is important for the world to be aware of what people are saying about the cryptocurrency industry, whether it be positive or negative opinions that are being vocalized.

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BEWARE of the Bitcoin ATMs

The entire cryptocurrency market grew from $18 billion to just over $610 billion this year. The number one cryptocurrency, Bitcoin (BTC) grew over 1200% in the past year. Mid-year, Bitcoin was picked up by the mainstream media and everyone was trying to get their hands on it. It received both positive and negative feedback from top financial analysts; even so, the Bitcoin craze was in full force. Most individuals wanting to get their hands on the cryptocurrency had a difficult time obtaining it because of the difficulty in navigating exchanges.

NEO Vs Ethereum (ETH): Dominant Altcoin, Still On The Rise

If you mentioned cryptocurrency in a conversation with someone in passing last year, most people just assumed you were talking about Bitcoin, but now it seems those times have changed. Altcoins have strongly emerged in the mainstream light after Bitcoin futures contracts began trading on major exchanges in mid-December. The price of Bitcoin has now almost come to a halt and many are now searching for the “new” coin that will shoot up over 1,000%. Many of the highly promising altcoins at the end of 2017 have begun to crack under pressure, mostly with the South Korean news and exchange issues and many new coins and projects have begun to transpire.

NEM (XEM) The Silent Rising Star

Nem (XEM) has been slowly climbing the charts and is now the sixth largest cryptocurrency, above Litecoin and Stellar. The coin hasn’t received much mainstream press but has been silently dominating and climbing the charts.