Coinbase CTO Believes Home Cryptocurrency Mining is the Future with Coinmine

Coinbase’s CTO, Balaji Srinivasan, has just announced his thoughts of the future of home cryptocurrency mining. Bitcoin mining and crypto mining in general are a huge industry, which exploded last year when digital currency interest hit mainstream. A new startup is trying to take another stab at popularizing at-home cryptocurrency mining, a business model that has not been successful in the past.

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Is Human Body Energy The New Crypto Mining Power Solution?

As the world turns more to technology than it ever has before, many scientists have speculated that robots and automated machines backed by artificial intelligence will continue to replace jobs done by humans. You see it happening now with self-checkout counters at grocery stores and even some fast food restaurants have added screens in their stores that you can order from, instead of having to go to the counter to order your food of choice. With that said, not many people have come up with reasonable solutions and alternatives to these jobs being replaced.