Ethereum Hard Fork Draws Near: ETH up 71% on Verge of Update

Ethereum (ETH) is up over 71% for the month, as its devs prepare for its upcoming hard fork. The major hard fork was supposed to take place in 2018 but was pushed back. Since then, the whole Ethereum community has been steadily working to bring this thing to life. Now, it finally has an end date. The hard fork is scheduled to occur on block #7,080,000, which should happen around January 16th.

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CryptoKitties Etherum Based Crypto Game Racks in $3 Million

Cute kittens, yes kittens, have begun taking over the Ethereum blockchain. Launched on November 29th, Ether holders have spent over $3 million on these virtual kittens on the blockchain-based, digital Pokemon-like game called CryptoKitties. Created by the San Francisco and Vancouver based design studio AxiomZen, CryptoKitties has now become the second most popular application on the Ethereum Network.