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Libra Gets First Major Political Backer in US Congress

Libra, the underfire planned cryptocurrency led by Facebook (NASDAQ:FB), has been dominating headlines in the world of crypto for all the wrong reasons. Regulators on both sides of the Atlantic have been staunchly opposed to the development of the coin, labeling it a threat to the economic and monetary sovereignty of nations. However, in a rare show of political support for Libra, Republican Senator for South Dakota Mike Rounds has written to Anchorage to endorse the project.

Telegram to Delay the Launch of TON Due to SEC Meeting

Over the past few years, Telegram has become an important part of the crypto ecosystem due to its use as a communication platform for traders as well as market enthusiasts. Hence, it did not come as a complete surprise when the encrypted messaging service platform announced the launch of its own blockchain, the Telegram Open Network (TON).

IBM is Interested in Working on Facebook’s Libra Crypto

The cryptocurrency space has been on an impressive run this year and one of the biggest developments this year was the announcement of Facebook’s Libra, the social media company’s very own crypto token. It goes without saying that it was a huge announcement and caused a lot of noise in the crypto sphere. As is well known, Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) is heading the Libra project, but the company is going to be helped by many other firms.

Facebook Libra Must Follow US Rules, Says Treasury Official

It was back in July that Facebook’s Libra was announced and ever since the announcement, it has become the subject of intense scrutiny from lawmakers. It has not only led to the scrutiny of the entire cryptocurrency project announced by Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) but that of the wider cryptocurrency market as well and consequently, it has proven to be a massive disruption. It also coincided with the point at which Bitcoin price started giving up the momentum that it had gained in the first half of the year.

Facebook’s Digital Coin Libra Faces Extreme Criticism

Libra, Facebook’s cryptocurrency to be launched as a payment service provider, requires close examination. According to a senior official at Britain’s financial watchdog, this new coin project requires deep scrutiny as it raises questions both on social and legal grounds. Facebook unveiled its Libra digital coin last month as a platform that will let one buy things or send money to people with nearly zero fees.

Regulators Discuss Cryptocurrency Legislation Ahead of G20 Summit

The cryptocurrency regulation debate is expected to be at the center of the upcoming G20 summit where representatives from various countries will evaluate the new legal action course that has been proposed by the International Financial Action Task Force. The FATF is expected to release the proposals for new international standards governing cryptocurrency business on June 21.

GlobalCoin: Facebook in Discussions with CFTC but Uncertainties Continue

Some weeks back, Facebook indicated that it was launching a cryptocurrency payment service called Project Libra. The company has had a series of talks with various e-commerce companies as well as financial firms seeking support for the payment service. The latest discussions involve the US Commodity and Futures Trading Commission regarding Facebook’s stable coin initiative: GlobalCoin.

Social Media Companies Join the Crypto World: Facebook and VKontakte

The cult of cryptocurrencies is rising with each passing day. But to understand the reason behind this, it is quintessential to know what exactly is cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies set up by groups of individuals and secured using cryptography. It is basically a form of digital ledger. Usually, cryptocurrencies are based on the technology called blockchain. A blockchain, originally block chain, is a growing list of records, called blocks, which are linked using cryptography. Each block contains a cryptographic hash of the previous block, a timestamp, and transaction data.

Crypto News: SEC Rules ETH NOT Security; Binance Adds XRP

The cryptocurrency market is making a comeback this week, after closing out last week in the red. Crypto news was pretty slow last week, but it has picked up a bit today. This morning, CoinCenter released news that the SEC Chairman confirmed that ETH is not ruled as a security by the regulator. In addition to this big news, Binance announced it has added XRP and credit card payment support to its Trust Wallet app.

Crypto News: Elon Musk Talks Bitcoin and Binance Expands

The cryptocurrency market had quite the shakeup last week, causing a spike in most digital currencies. On Valentine’s Day, six days ago, JP Morgan announced that it would launch a test for its new JPM coin. This was the biggest crypto news to surface in quite some time. Now, digital currencies seem to have corrected, and most are trading red today.

Fake Bakkt Website Emerges but Fails to Scam Crypto Investors

A new Bitcoin (BTC) scam website has emerged. Back in 2017, when the cryptocurrency market hit mainstream news, scam sites began blowing up. Since everyone was so desperate to get their hands on digital currency or invest in a project that could give them 10X the return, the scammers often won. Now, cryptocurrency investors are much more cautious, and this new fake Bakkt website was easily identified.

Will Amazon Ever Add Cryptocurrency to Its Platform? Maybe!

Around one-third of Americans use to buy just about everything. The company holds around 90 million US-based Prime members and the average subscriber spends around $1,000 annually on the site. The wide assortment of products at low prices has helped make Amazon one of the most valuable companies in the world. Except, its frequent shoppers want access to more products on its site, including medical marijuana, prescription drugs, and cryptocurrency.

Binance Blockchain: Binance to Launch the Binance Chain

If it wasn’t enough for Binance to be the biggest crypto exchange by trading volume in the world, such is its popularity that it will now launch its own blockchain. Dubbed the ‘Binance Chain’ (give that genius a can of coke), the new blockchain is due to arrive in the “coming months” according to a Tweet today.

Stock Trading App Robinhood wants to Become a Bank

Robinhood stock trading app: A National Banking Charter is attractive to many financial tech companies but alas, it is very hard to get. That hasn’t stopped California-based stock trading app Robinhood from approaching regulators at the Office of Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) with an ambition to acquire the necessary licenses to allow them to receive a national banking charter, which would effectively class the platform as a bank. 

Walmart Creating a Bitcoin-Powered Electrical Grid

Walmart Creating a Bitcoin-Powered Electrical Grid – In many ways, blockchain technology is going to provide the world with a lot of good. However, the technology does have a couple of downsides. While there is an increasing concern over the energy consumption of blockchain, companies around the world are trying to reduce this problem’s severity. 

Steve Bannon Moves into Crypto – How? Why? Doing What?

Steve Bannon Moves into Crypto – In August of 2017, President Donald Trump decided to remove Steve Bannon from his administration. Since then, Bannon has been the subject of scrutiny. In fact, some have recently gone as far as saying he is a man who disrupted U.S. politics. Now, however, it’s June of 2018, and Steve Bannon has moved on from politics. Specifically, he’s moving onto cryptocurrency.

Microsoft Bought GitHub | Should Monero (XMR) Stay or Should it Go?

Microsoft Bought GitHub: Even from a company as technologically advanced as Microsoft, the announcement that it acquired GitHub on the morning of June 4th took a lot of people by surprise. In the past, Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, has critiqued the crypto sector, which is why many are skeptical of this purchase. It’s not that Microsoft is a bad company, it’s that many are worried about the effect this acquisition will have. Specifically, on virtual currencies like Monero (XMR). 

Willy Woo Predicts Bitcoin Will Fall Further

The broader market selloff has wiped $146 billion off of the cryptocurrency market in the last three weeks alone. The majority of the top ten coins posted a double-digit decline in the previous week. Cardano (ADA) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) were among the biggest losers. Both coins lost 25% of their value last week. Ethereum (ETH) was the third biggest loser followed by Stellar (XLM) and IOTA (MIOTA).

Addicted to Crypto Trading? There’s a Treatment Centre For That!

Crypto trading is popular. In fact, in 2018, that may be a bit of an understatement. Demographics across the board have started crypto trading, investing both time and money in the sector. Don’t get me wrong, cryptocurrency has its benefits. However, with the good comes the bad, and some people are treating crypto trading as if it were gambling. Yes, crypto trading addiction has become a very real thing.

Visa UK’s Former CEO Joins Crypterium

Last week, on May 19, former Visa UK and Ireland CEO Marc O’Brien said in an interview with Business Insider that he had been named CEO of a cryptocurrency startup named Crypterium. O’Brien was the CEO of VISA UK from 2008 to 2014. During the interview, he said that the Crypterium team is working hard to promote the acceptance of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum and make them legitimate payments. Tools that allow users to use them for daily product and service transactions, tools like crypto debit cards.

Federal Reserve President Predicts Complete Crash

The cryptocurrency market hasn’t gained momentum despite several underlying developments in the last two months. Bitcoin and the rest of the virtual currencies lost the majority of gains that they achieved at the beginning of the month, pulling out almost $90 billion from the total cryptocurrency market capitalization in the last two weeks.

Consensus Summit 2018; It’s Not All Positive

Consensus 2018 Updates: The Consensus summit is an industry event famed for creating excitement and price hikes in the cryptosphere. However, while there was much positive news to write home about, the Consensus also shed light on some not-so-encouraging opinions and facts. Here are some areas of concern to take away with you from this years summit…

Microsoft’s Bing Bans Crypto Advertising

Bing Bans Crypto Advertising: Microsoft’s Bing browser has banned crypto-advertising. Microsoft now joins the ranks of several other companies that have done the same, including Facebook (NASDAQ:FB), Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) and Twitter (NYSE:TWTR). All three companies implemented their bans on cryptocurrency advertising earlier this year and have said in some form or other, that the decision will ensure the safety of their users from deceptive advertising.

Will The Consensus Summit In NYC Create a Bull-Run?

The three day New York cryptocurrency conference kicked off on Monday. The Consensus Summit NYC see’s leading industry experts such as Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey, the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis President James Bullard and FedEx CEO Frederick Smith, talk about the emerging market and upcoming breakthroughs in the blockchain and crypto sphere.   

Nasdaq CEO: Cryptocurrencies are the ‘Right Next Step in the Space of Currency’

Speaking on the latest episode of CNN podcast “Boss Files”, Adena Friedman, CEO of Nasdaq gave an indication of her optimistic position regarding the future perspectives for cryptocurrencies. The famous businessperson and female inspirational figure mentioned that according to her perceptions, the use of cryptos could represent an evolution or at least an important innovation in the way traditional finance is handled.

Wall Street Adaptation and Consensus Summit – Bulls Expect Sharp Rally

Cryptocurrency markets are under pressure for the third straight day after hitting the two months high on Sunday. Positive reports — including the potential launch of cryptocurrency trading on Wall Street and the upcoming Consensus Conference beginning May 14 — don’t seem to be having any influence over the market. Could it be that the good news is trumped by the recent outspoken bearish stances from legendary investors Warren Buffett and Bill Gates?

Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index Launched Today

The cryptocurrency industry just got another player. On Wednesday, Bloomberg and Galaxy Digital Capital Management LLP launched the Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index (BGCI). This is pretty significant news, and if you haven’t clued in as to why just yet, don’t worry – you’ll understand soon. 

Cryptocurrency Market: Bulls Response to Warren Buffett Criticism

Warren Buffett criticism: Warren Buffett, the legendary investor, has frequently been criticizing the cryptocurrency markets. The chairman of Berkshire Hathaway doesn’t have any enthusiasm in the emerging market. He believes cryptocurrencies are neither an asset nor a currency. And thus, he thinks it shares similarities more towards gambling and not investing.    

Brian Kelly Has Three Bullish Reasons For Crypto Uptrend

The cryptocurrency market plummeted sharply today after striking two months high during the weekend. The top ten coins are in the red today, and the majority of them are declining at a mid-single-digit rate. Trader’s profits taking combined with resistance from bears are helping in pulling back cryptocurrency prices from fresh highs that they achieved during the weekend.

Oscar Mayer Gets Hit with Cease and Desist After Copying Bacoin Idea

Bacoin: A few days ago, a cringe-worthy cryptocurrency ad campaign was launched by Oscar Mayer. It was pretty horrendous, and while most of the world tries to forget what they’ve seen, a man named Kirk Steele announced he is putting his foot down on the matter. Steele isn’t taking a stand because he found the ad campaign to be in poor taste, however. It’s much more than that. 

FTC to Host Workshop for Educating the Masses on Crypto Scams

Crypto scams go hand in hand with the cryptocurrency market. In fact, as the interest in the crypto market increases so do the number of crypto scams. It’s a growing problem, but that doesn’t mean people aren’t working towards solving it. The Winklevoss twins are trying, as is Martin Lewis – a British journalist who filed a lawsuit against Facebook for allowing his name to be used in crypto scams on the platform.

Cryptocurrency Market Resume Uptrend – It’s Too Big to Ignore, Analyst says

Cryptocurrency markets are extending gains that they generated in the last 36 hours. Bulls believe that Cryptocurrencies are the future of finance and speculations regarding the entrance of institutional investors into crypto markets encourage trader’s sentiments. The market analysts are also seeing strong buying opportunities in crypto space albeit the rally of 33% last month.

Baby Boomer Children to Turn Gold into Crypto Assets?

Turn gold into crypto assets: It’s not uncommon for someone to mention gold while discussing Bitcoin (BTC). The latest to do so, however, is Barry Silbert, CEO of the Digital Currency Group. According to Silbert, Baby Boomers’ children are likely to turn gold into crypto assets. That is, the gold inherited from their parents. Is that true, though? 

Alibabacoin Wins The First Round Against Alibaba

U.S. District Judge Paul Oetken in Manhattan who is handling the case: “Alibaba Group Holdings Ltd v. Alibabacoin Foundation et al, U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York, No. 18-02897” denied the claims of Jack Ma’s companies who were attempting to force the closure of the ICO of Alibabacoin (ABBC).

CoinMarketCap Introduces iOS App – Website Rebrands on its Fifth Anniversary

CoinMarketCap, the website most used by crypto investors to check real-time coin prices, just announced huge updates to its platform this morning. The website was launched five years ago today, and the company is celebrating big. In addition to a brand new iOS mobile app, the website unveiled a brand new site design and logo, launched a ‘watchlist’, and has updated its public API.

The Week So Far: Top Crypto News

It is the first week of May, the crypto space is buzzing and there is a lot happening. Despite all of the top coins being in the red today, the crypto sector has seen numerous announcements made this week. And it’s only Tuesday. Here are six of the top announcements. 

Martin Lewis Files Lawsuit Against Facebook Over Crypto Scams

Crypto scams are not new. In fact, we have seen many this year. It’s a recognized problem within the crypto space, and now it appears one British finance behemoth has had enough. Now, Martin Lewis is suing Facebook. Lewis has had enough of Facebook acting as the platform in which crypto scams are performed. Especially scams that use his name and his face. 

Cryptocurrency Market Surpass $420 Billion As Altcoins Shine

What is the total market of Cryptocurrency worth right now? It may surprise some to hear that the market cap has exceeded the $420 billion level for the first time in seven weeks: the emerging coin market has increased at a robust pace over the previous two weeks driven by prompt growth in altcoin prices. The traders are attributing the bull-run to the end of tax season and increasing confidence in cryptocurrency markets.

Shift Card is Accepted at 38 Million Merchants Worldwide

Thirteen hours ago Litecoin’s founder, Charlie Lee, reintroduced a partnership to his nearly 800K followers via his personal twitter. Coinbase, the US’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, signed a partnership deal with Shift Card back in late 2015. Shift Card works with over 38 million global merchants, which allows Coinbase users able to spend their Bitcoin(BTC), Ethereum(ETH), and Litecoin(LTC) virtually anywhere.

Asian Authorities Stop Two Crypto Scams

Crypto scams Asia: In less than 24 hours, the governments of China and South Korea have dismantled two organized groups that were in charge of promoting pyramid schemes by using cryptocurrency investments as a background. This decision seems to further reinforce the firm position of both governments in the fight against the criminal use of blockchain technologies.

Cryptocurrencies for Kids: A New Business Opportunity On The Crypto Sphere

The cryptomarket has entered most sectors – from charity to gaming to banking, the use of blockchain and cryptocurrencies have been incorporated in many areas. However, there has been one sector left out (perhaps because of legal fears); the market for children. Children and cryptocurrency is a taboo that many have refrained from discussing, but nevertheless, a team of developers and designers have created Pigzbe: “A piggy-wallet powered by Wollo, a family-friendly cryptocurrency.”

22 EU Countries Sign Blockchain Partnership – Progress Made

22 EU Countries Sign Blockchain Partnership: Digital Day 2018 was held yesterday, and the European Commission lead the signing of a Declaration which constructs a European blockchain partnership made up of 22 European countries. The EC’s VP, Andrus Ansip, called on Europe to lead the way in digital innovation by embracing blockchain technology and artificial intelligence. In his speech yesterday in Brussels he said:

Timothy Enneking Believes the Cryptocurrency Bear Market Is Ending

Timothy Enneking, managing director of Crypto Asset Management, LP, believes the bear market is largely over. He and other analysts believe that bears are losing their grip on cryptocurrency markets: cryptocurrencies are the green today after experiencing significant volatility since the start of this year. The market pundits expect digital currencies to regain momentum during the second quarter after posting substantial losses in the first quarter.

JPMorgan Chase Busted for Unexplained Crypto Charges – Jamie Dimon has some Explaining to do

You remember Jamie Dimon, right? The JPMorgan Chase (NYSE:JPM) CEO who once called Bitcoin (BTC) a major fraud back in September of last year. Reuters just reported that JP Morgan Chase is being sued for the unauthorized fees added to customer accounts for cryptocurrency purchases. The Manhattan federal court is accusing JPM of implementing charges on cryptocurrency purchases without warning its customers; when cryptocurrency was bought with its credit cards, JPM charged the purchases as cash advances, unbeknownst to the buyer.

George Soros is a Potential Cryptocurrency Investor? Despite This, Crypto’s Are Down

Cryptocurrencies are in the red despite rumors that institutional investors are planning to get involved in crypto markets. George Soros, who was among the prominent critics, has now started changing his stance towards crypto markets. George Soros had described Bitcoin as a “bubble” at the beginning of the year in a speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Tron (TRX) vs. Ethereum (ETH) – Crypto Founder Twitter Brawl

Tron (TRX) vs. Ethereum (ETH). Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum’s notorious leader, has been on a confrontational rampage lately starting with his April fools meta-joke about “capping” the supply of Ether at 120 million. After explaining his thoughts on the proposal he found valid, Buterin wanted to point out his well-hidden joke bringing back up the Tron whitepaper plagiarism accusations.

Will The Trade War Have Any Long-Term Impact on Cryptocurrencies?

The threat of a trade war between China and the U.S may have a real impact on the cryptocurrency markets. The cryptocurrency collapse extended since the start of the second quarter. Along with increasing regulations and bans from Google, the trade war threats have also been eroding crypto investor’s sentiment. Bitcoin plummeted below $7000 again following a brief rally at the beginning of the week, down 12% in the last seven days.   

South Korea Will Announce Crypto Tax Policies in July

With the culmination of the G20 summit, the fears of many alarmists and Bearish traders subsided. For the crypto ecosystem, the summit ended satisfactorily. No negative announcements were made, in fact, the demonstrations of support drove a bullish trend in Bitcoin prices. The lack of an official statement determining a policy was mainly due to the necessity of achieving a global consensus on this issue since several countries had different considerations, making it necessary to discuss the issue in depth.

Scams and Frauds Continues Impacting Cryptocurrency Market Credibility

Crypto scams and frauds are tightly connected to the cryptocurrency markets due to their unregulated nature and lack of trading guidelines. Regulators, analysts and advertisement companies have been criticizing crypto coins with concerns related to illegal activities. Mark Carney thinks crypto traders are fools while Business magnates like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet call it a market for criminals.

The LitePay Scandal: Where is Litecoin (LTC) Now?

LitePay was supposed to bring new light to Litecoin (LTC). LitePay was not only going to offer a new crypto wallet specific for LTC, but also the LitePay debit card, which users could have used to convert Litecoin into U.S. fiat currency. Instead, ineffectual business handling and less-than-communicative responses have led LitePay to lose its support from the Litecoin Foundation and for the whole operation to be shut down.

Cryptocurrency Bubble Will Burst As Major Financial Players Reject Virtual Currencies

Cryptocurrency mania has created a lot of excitement in the financial world; the alternative currency has accumulated more than $850 billion of total market capitalization at the peak of their popularly. The value of a single Bitcoin (BTC) reached almost $20,000 early this year only due to speculations and price manipulation activities – despite the coin actually having no intrinsic value and revenue stream. However, the crypto bubble will burst according to the sentiments of major financial players.

Cryptocurrency Scams, Ad Bans, and Negative Opinions. Is There A Light At The End Of The Crypto Tunnel?

It’s no puzzler that unregulated cryptocurrencies make cryptocurrency scams easier for hackers to develop techniques and schemes for looting the general public. The market has recently witnessed huge losses after hackers had stolen almost $900 million from Coincheck, Bitconnect and BitGrail exchanges. Initial Coin Offerings also provide an easy path for scammers to generate funds in the name of a ‘new coin’.

Google Will Ban Cryptocurrency Ads – How Will This Affect The Crypto-Sphere?

Encouraged by country leaders and banks, major advertising companies have been banning cryptocurrency related-ads on their platform due to the uncertainty surrounding scams and illicit activities using crypto. Facebook already implemented its ban, and now Google will ban cryptocurrency ads on its platform, the company announced today. Based on the company press release, this will be effective as of June 2018. This is big news for cryptocurrencies everywhere.

Crypto ATMs Opened in Ecuador Despite Country Ban

A brave group of cryptocurrency investors, Criptoasesores, have just pledged an all-out war on the Ecuadorian government by opening the country’s first crypto ATMs in the country’s capital. The country’s central government has had a firm negative stance on cryptocurrency and has tried strongly to ban it over the last four years. Earlier this year, the country’s central bank sent out a strong statement to its residents. The statement read:

Investing in Crypto? Follow These 7 Metrics from Weiss Ratings

Yesterday, Weiss Ratings held an “emergency crypto briefing” yesterday mid-day where the team discussed their strategy behind their cryptocurrency gradings. The notorious ratings bureau was founded in 1971 and has since graded everything from insurance plans, stocks, mutual funds, and financial institutions. The Weiss team took on grading cryptocurrencies late January of this year. Many have been looking for a researched and unbiased metric to gauge cryptocurrency, as investors currently seek advice for cryptocurrency investing from either forums, facebook groups, or colleagues.

Bitcoin and Ripple Are Threatening Traditional Financial System – Here’s How

Traditional Financial Systems all around the globe are among the most significant critics of cryptocurrencies, amid the emerging possibility that cryptocurrencies can steal a massive amount of market share from banks in the days to come. Cryptocurrencies don’t require any intermediation for processing the transaction; this phenomenon allows digital currencies to complete the transaction in less time with lower cost when compared to banks.

Bitcoin (BTC) Accepted at Las Vegas Strip Club via QR Code Tattoos

In 2017 mainstream media was introduced to Bitcoin, as the cryptocurrency market erupted. As the cryptocurrency continued to grow, investors grew tiresome of not being able to purchase things with their digital tokens. You are now able to purchase homes, vehicles, flights, NBA tickets, plastic surgery, funerals and household appliances with Bitcoin. Now, a Las Vegas strip club is the newest business to accept the digital token for its services.

Don’t Invest in Crypto to Make Money – Invest in a Project You’re Proud to Support

Yes, there’s no denying that investing in crypto, Bitcoin in particular, has made people rich in the past. Those who got into Bitcoin early, before crypto started to really take off, turned a nice profit. There is still money to be made in crypto. However, that’s an uphill battle that maybe not everyone is willing to fight. I would argue, therefore, not to invest in crypto purely for the sake of making money. Instead, you should invest in a project you’re proud to support.

Cryptocurrency Market Rise – Chinese New Year Ramp Up?

The cryptocurrency market has hit a bit of a stride today. Yesterday it stood a bit stagnant, as Litecoin propelled above the rest. The total market cap for all cryptocurrencies has hit over the $460 range, which is the highest it has been in the last two weeks. There could be several reasons as to why the market has suddenly taken a bullish turn – let’s explore.

What Is A Cryptocurrency Wallet?

So, you’ve decided that you want to invest and buy some cryptocurrency. It can seem a bit intimidating but it really is simple once fully set up. In order to purchase the digital currency, you must first set up a cryptocurrency wallet.

Coinbase Introduces PayPal-like Commerce Button That Could Change the Game

Have you ever gone to purchase something on an e-commerce website like eBay (NASDAQ:EBAY) and found the option to pay via the PayPal (NASDAQ:PYPL) commerce button? Well now, Coinbase has rolled out a commerce platform that might be extremely appealing to merchants. This allows merchants to seamlessly integrate cryptocurrency payments into their current platforms. Currently, Coinbase offers payments for Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Litecoin (LTC).

Bitcoin (BTC), EOS, and IOTA Comeback Despite Binance Trading Halt

Binance Trading Halt. Binance, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, halted trading yesterday due to temporary “system maintenance.” Its system upgrades have come as a complete surprise to all of its users as they were given no prior warning. Many took to Twitter (NASDAQ:TWTR) and expressed their anger towards the exchange. The timing of the upgrade from the multi-million dollar exchange wasn’t the best, as cryptocurrencies had just begun to crawl their way back.

Cryptocurrencies – Excitement is Limited

Despite several warnings and intensifying regulatory actions, there is cryptocurrency excitement today as traders are vigorously capitalizing on the buying opportunities. Bitcoin price moved to the range of $8,000 after hitting the new support level of $6,000; all this happened in only 24 hours.

Canada’s First Blockchain ETF Set For Launch Next Week

Canada’s first blockchain-based fund or blockchain ETF is now officially on the market. Harvest Portfolios Group Inc., an independent investment management company, has received approval from the Ontario Securities Commission to launch the Blockchain Technologies ETF (Ticker:HBLK) on the Toronto Stock Exchange starting next week.

Payment Services Companies Are Showing Confidence in Ripple’s xRapid Product

Although Ripple (XRP) has lost more than half of its value in the last couple of weeks, the digital currency continues impressing investors and companies with its unique features and the potential to make cross-border payments in a faster way than any other digital currency. Currently trading around a price of $1.35, Ripple is down significantly from its all-time high of $3.80.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Cardano, Litecoin and the Entire Cryptocurrency Market Continue to Suffer Major Losses, Here’s Why

The cryptocurrency market has lost over $100 billion dollars overnight and Bitcoin (BTC) and many altcoins have lost close to 40% in value. Many new cryptocurrency investors have begun to panic and are frantically searching for an explanation. The chart below depicts a trending sell off the past four years around the ramp up to the Chinese New Year.

Bitcoin Fumbles After The Potential Ban

Cryptocurrencies slid sharply in early trade on Thursday after the South Korean government started taking strict actions against cryptocurrency trading in domestic stock exchanges. According to the South Korean Justice Minister, the government is looking to ban cryptocurrency trading in domestic exchanges. Moreover, Warren Buffett’s warning yesterday over the future of cryptocurrency also prompted a huge selloff in bitcoin and other digital currencies prices.

Big Corporations Are Clicking Into the Blockchain Technologies

The majority of pundits strongly believe that blockchain technology could turn out to be a completely fresh infrastructural layer of the internet to put back traditional payment systems, thanks to the innovative design of the technology, which makes hard to commit fraud. Several big companies are following these changes in order to provide secure, safe and fast transactions.

Stellar (XLM) Vs. Ripple (XRP), Who Reigns Supreme?

It has been quite a crazy few weeks for the now ninth largest cryptocurrency, Stellar (XLM). Just two days ago, the digital currency was competing for the fifth largest spot. Currently, XLM is trading at $0.061 a coin, down -25% for the day. It is down, -32% from its record high of $.91 reached back on January 4th. Still, Stellar is up 454% for the month and a crazy, 304,900% for the year.

Coinbase Not Growing Fast Enough?

Coinbase has become the go-to cryptocurrency exchange and is said to have been the center of driving up the value of Bitcoin lately. While there are many other cryptocurrency exchanges around the world, Coinbase has become the center for the average-joe American digital currency trade. No company on the market has made the buying/selling process more simple, let alone the signing up and linking your bank account process. Back in January of this year, there were 5.5 million accounts opening on the website and as of today, there are over 13.3 million.