JPMorgan Claims Bitcoin Isn’t Worth Mining Anymore

JPMorgan analysts are taking jabs at Bitcoin once more. The executives at this major US bank have never been fond of digital currency and blockchain technology. Jamie Dimon, JPMorgan’s CEO, temporarily pulled back on his comments when BTC hit its all-time highs. Shortly after, the coin began to crash, and his skepticism picked up again.

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Morgan Stanley Bitcoin Derivatives are Ready to Go

Morgan Stanley (NYSE:MS) plans to offer its customers complex derivatives that will be tied to Bitcoin (BTC), Bloomberg reported this morning. The Morgan Stanley Bitcoin derivatives will push the investment bank in the running with its competition currently dabbing in the cryptocurrency space.

Bitcoin (BTC) Not Among China’s Top Ten Blockchains

A new Bitcoin ranking has been released, and the BTC position might surprise you. Don’t worry, it’s overall placement is still number one by market cap, but China released a new listing of its top blockchains and Bitcoin didn’t fare so well. Spoiler alert – Bitcoin didn’t even make the top ten.

Yale’s Robert Shiller Is Pessimistic About Bitcoin Price

Bitcoin (BTC) will eventually die: Nobel Prize-winning economist Robert Shiller gave interesting but pessimistic remarks which shatter Bitcoin’s price fundamentals. The Bitcoin price bull-run seems to have paused after increasing skepticism from economist and technical analysts; they continue revealing bearish outlooks for Bitcoin in both the short and the long-run.

Bitcoin Price: Why Warren Buffett’s Comments Are Important

Bitcoin price (BTC) rallied 50% last month amid improving trader confidence. The market pundits, however, are predicting BTC price to reach $20,000 by the end of this year. The overall trader’s sentiments and market data have also been supporting bull’s stance. The potential institutional investment and claims for higher adaptation are adding to traders sentiments.

Will Ethereum (ETH) Pass Bitcoin (BTC) This Year?

2017 was the breakout year for cryptocurrency. Starting at the beginning of the year, the total market cap for all cryptocurrencies was just over $17 billion and at the end of December, it reached just under $600 billion. Bitcoin (BTC), the original cryptocurrency, from the year 2013 to the beginning of 2017, held almost 90% dominance of the total market.  Currently, BTC only holds 34.4% dominance. As cryptocurrency gained mainstream attention, Bitcoin slowly started losing the market cap dominance as individuals started buying up the less expensive coins to get their hands in the market. 2018 is shaping up to be the year of the altcoins, as you can see from the chart below. Bitcoin’s growth has slowed since it’s Bitcoin futures contracts launched on two Wall Street exchanges, mid-December. I would like to add, however, that BTC is still up over 1100% for the year in growth. Many who got in early investing in Bitcoin, made a serious profit last year.

Cryptocurrencies Are All About Speculation and Illegal Transfer of Money

Bitcoin (BTC) and other digital currencies started gaining popularity last year following the big tech companies’ interest in blockchain technologies. Moreover, cryptocurrencies’ ability to execute transactions semi-anonymously has added to the popularity. Consequently, people who want their transactions to be hard to trace enjoy the secrecy these digital currencies offer.

Proof-of-Stake Can Save Cryptocurrency: NEO, LSK & PHS to the Rescue

The cryptocurrency market has been in turmoil over the past few days, as governments around the world begin to enforce regulations over coin transfers. Bitcoin (BTC) dropped below $10,000 USD on January 17th, for the first time since December 1st (though it is now recovering), and Coinmarketcap has been a sea of red, prompting many reports to describe it as the cryptocurrency ‘bloodbath’. Hyperbolic, maybe, but scary enough if you’ve just invested all the money you were saving up to buy a yacht with.

KFC Canada Now Accepting Bitcoin As Payment

That’s right, you can now buy KFC’s fried chicken with bitcoin in Canada. The fast-food chain is now accepting the cryptocurrency for a limited time for customers to buy a Bitcoin-themed chicken bucket called the “Bitcoin Bucket”. At the same time, KFC will also place a Facebook-based live tracker of the bucket’s price corresponding to the bitcoin-dollar exchange rate.