Bitcoin Cash

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Bitcoin Cash Price: Buy Bitcoin Cash, Analysts Say

Bitcoin Cash price is attempting to pare previous losses, and the coin is heading to surpass the three months high that it touched during the latest bull-run. Bitcoin Cash rose at a double-digit rate on Wednesday and is extending the uptrend into today’s trading. BCH coin is up 5% today and trading above the $1,500 level.

Is the Bitcoin Cash Bull Run Ending? Market Pundits Say “No”

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) price continues to trade in a narrow range over the last couple of days after hitting its three months high last week. The broader market selloff and trader profit taking strategy are hindering the BCH bull run. Its price rose from $600 at the beginning of this month to $1,550 on April 24. The stunning bull run of more than 100% in the fourth largest coin created a strong selling opportunity for the short-term investors.