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Bitcoin Cash Hash War: Who Won?

Nearly ten days ago, Bitcoin Cash underwent its second scheduled protocol upgrade of the year. Most in the crypto community know that a ‘hard fork’ in the chain is the only way to upgrade proof-of-work consensus protocols. Just before this upgrade occurred, competing proposals emerged and split the BCH community in three. From the scheduled hard fork, three fractions of the Bitcoin Cash blockchain emerged, and the Bitcoin Cash hash war began.

Bittrex Taking Bitcoin Cash Offline – Why?

It’s Monday, and the crypto market is sporting both a red and green look. Meanwhile, the crypto community is preparing itself for a busy week ahead. There’s a lot scheduled, but the event taking precedence is Bittrex taking Bitcoin Cash offline. While some are planning for the temporary removal, others are expressing concerns over it. At the end of the day, however, there’s not a great deal to worry about.

MMA Superstar Rory MacDonald Supports Bitcoin Cash

Rory MacDonald Supports Bitcoin Cash: The tug-of-war between Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin (BTC) lovers has escalated even more since the BCH network upgraded from 8M to 32MB. Bitcoin Cash investors are claiming that the BCH network is the only network complying with the peer-to-peer electronic cash system invented by Satoshi Nakamoto.

Bitcoin Cash Rebound, the Rest of the Market is in the Green

Bitcoin Cash price (BCH) bounced back sharply today after losing more than 100% of value in the last three weeks from this month’s high of $1,800. The selloff was mainly due to a lack of trader confidence in the future fundamentals of the cryptocurrency market. The total cryptocurrency market also fell to $300 billion earlier today but has since climbed back to $325 billion later in the trading.

Bitcoin Cash Price Update; Brian Kelly is Positive for BCH

Market analysts seem enthusiastic towards Bitcoin Cash price (BCH) and this is strengthening trader sentiments. The Bitcoin Cash network has been increasing trader confidence since its developers began implementing infrastructural improvements. Brian Kelly has suggested that investors buy Bitcoin Cash for the potential gains as BCH is a must own cryptocurrency and offers an attractive entry point.