The Crypto Fundamentals You Need to Know

The cryptocurrency world can seem complicated. It may feel overwhelming to many new buyers entering the space; what does it mean to short Bitcoin? What is a blockchain anyway? and how or what is a fork if it isn’t cutlery? The cryptosphere is awash with terminology, applications, and techno-mumbo-jumbo leading some people to think that they must enlist the help of a tech-head or finance major in order to get involved. Not the case.

To help you navigate your way through the crypto space, we have compiled a list of some of the most common elements or terms which you will no doubt come across. These are the fundamentals if you will, and we explain in-depth what they truly mean and how they work in practice. No longer will you have to feel unprepared for crypto investing— with our comprehensive list you will be able to understand all you need to know and at least you can sound like a pro!

Read through and you’ll find some of the most seemingly complicated terms which you’ll soon realize are not-so-complicated after all.

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