John McAfee Bitcoin Price Prediction is Baseless, Bears Say

John McAfee – who is known for making big price bets, has presented a bullish thesis for the next cryptocurrency market rally. He predicts a few coins – including Bitcoin (BTC) and EOS (EOS) will achieve robust price growths next month,  before collapsing in July.

Bitcoin price currently trades around the $7,500 level but John McAfee expects BTC price to trade at around $15,000 next month.  He also predicts that EOS price will hit $32 next month.

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Bears, however, don’t accept his price bet, as he’s backed claim on Trump’s meeting with the North Korean president.

He tweeted: “My algorithm is still predicting the meeting between two leaders, which could take place in Japan next month.”


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Donald Trump, on the other hand, publically denied meeting with the North Korean President after his offensive remarks. He also told Kim in the letter, “You talk about your nuclear capabilities, but ours are so massive and powerful that I pray to God they will never have to be used.”

Bears say, that Donald Trump has called off the meeting, but if he meets with Kim Jong-un would John McAfee’s prediction be correct? and what would be the fundamental impact on the cryptocurrency market be?

Its right that political stability always has a positive impact on investment markets, so the meeting between the head of the two countries could have the potential to create a 100% rally in price.

On the other hand, the stock markets, for instance, plunged only 1% after Donald Trump refused to meet with North Korean President.

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John McAfee, however, has previously revealed that he charges hundreds of thousands of dollars for each promotional tweet about cryptocurrency markets. So is his prediction just another paid publicity? Market reaction was strong against John McAfee’s price bet; the majority of Twitter users mocked his price prediction. What are your thoughts?

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