Cardano (ADA) Finally Made CoinDesk Headlines

Cardano (ADA) has finally made headlines at cryptocurrencies’ first news source, CoinDesk. Cardano’s co-founder, Charles Hoskinson, believed that CoinDesk was holding a “blackout” on Cardano for the longest time, but it seems that may be over now.

Another example of the @coindesk media blackout on Cardano: we announced that Ouroboros will be quantum resistant last month and even had researchers at Financial Crypto. No quote, no mention

— Charles Hoskinson (@IOHK_Charles) March 17, 2018

It’s absolutely extraordinary to me that after six months of asking Coindesk still refuses to run an article on Cardano, but will even for unreleased cryptos could you at least tell us why you hate us? @coindesk

— Charles Hoskinson (@IOHK_Charles) March 14, 2018

Just after ADA was released in October of 2017, Cardano quickly rose to the top ten cryptocurrencies and has remained there ever since. Input/Output (IOHK) fully funds the Cardano project, which means a flashy ICO to amp up ‘hype’ was unnecessary. The project silently rose without flashy endorsements or ‘potential’ partnerships. Frankly, the coin/project came out of nowhere, and I think that was the plan.

Cardano’s project is based on peer-reviewed research, and every single detail of its platform is tested thoroughly before it’s released to the public. Cardano’s code was built from the ground up, and the project and team pride themselves on transparency. Cardano provides an ongoing and continuously updated roadmap that shows which developer is working on what and its current completion percentage.

Giving the publication and its writers the benefit of the doubt, maybe the journalists felt there wasn’t enough news to publish a Cardano piece just yet, or they didn’t understand it.

Coindesk finally writes about us and cites Dan Larimer as a creditable source: well I guess that’s something.

— Charles Hoskinson (@IOHK_Charles) July 12, 2018

Well, the publication almost got it right, except for the fact that they quoted Charles Hoskinson’s long-time nemesis Dan Larimer in the article.

The co-founder’s frustration with the publication is understandable, as many smaller blockchain projects made CoinDesk news before Cardano. Still, as the project progresses in its development, I suspect more articles in the future.

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